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Coffee Machine Buying Guide

What type of coffee machine is right for you?

Whether you're an occasional coffee drinker, or consume it daily, there's a coffee machine option to suit your taste and lifestyle! Let us breakdown the differences and benefits for each and help you choose the right one for your home.


Manual coffee machines are an ideal choice for those who prefer a more “hands on” and controlled process when it comes to making coffee. Manual machines offer the freedom to choose preferred strength, temperature and quantity over more automated models.

Often the process behind these machines will require more time and effort, however the quality of coffee can be well worth the extra trouble. With a cup shaped filter and milk frothing function, manual machines are the closest you’ll get to café-bought coffee at home. If you like your coffee a particular way and are a stickler for a high quality brew these might be the best choice for you!


Capsule coffee machines are known for being quick, easy and consistent in quality. The obvious benefit in investing in a capsule machine is just how simple the process is – simply pop the pod in and press a button! Additional perks include an easy-to-use milk frother, access to wide selections of coffee strengths and flavours, and a super easy clean-up when you’re done.

A potential set-back is the limitation on where you can purchase your coffee, generally you’re restricted to a brand’s pre-packaged capsules to match the machine. Capsule machines are ideal for people who like a no-fuss process, reliable and consistent quality and want the machine to do most of the work!


If you’re looking for a coffee machine that will serve a bunch of people in one go, than a dripolator might be the one for you! Many dripolator models serve up to 12 people with one batch and are very easy to use.

They work with coffee grounds that are placed in a filter basket that mixes through with boiling water a number of times until the coffee is brewed to the desired strength. These types of machines are ideal for office environments, or larger households, where a number of people might want access to a cup of hot coffee multiple times throughout the day.


A good grinder can make all the difference to the taste of your coffee and is a useful addition to your kitchen if you use a manual machine, dripolator or plunger. Most grinders allow you to specify how finely you want the beans ground to ensure the flavour and strength is spot on.

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