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Thanks to RetraRent, Retravision's giving you even more option when it comes to enjoying all the electrical stuff you love.

Appliance Rental at Retravision

Why is RetraRent so popular?

Well, get this… Now you don’t need cash to shop in-store at Retravision.
RetraRent is simply the smarter, more flexible, and more affordable way to shop. Why not call 1800 807 621.


No deposit finance.

RetraRent is a great ‘no deposit’ solution to accessing the very latest in TVs, air con, computers, home entertainment, laundry, kitchen and more! With rental terms and payments to suit your budget, now’s the time to RetraRent.


No application fees. No account keeping fees.

Some finance arrangements will charge you ongoing account keeping fees. Not RetraRent! Even better, there are no application fees either, so why not apply in-store today.


Rent it, before you own it!

With RetraRent, you can choose a rental plan that suits your lifestyle. So it makes enjoying the things you love more affordable – and more convenient – than ever!


Rent it your way!

How good is this...
At the end of your rental period, you get to keep your product!

That's right, RetraRent is like the ultimate try and buy plan. Our low weekly payments – with terms including 36, 42 and 48 months – make RetraRent the affordable path to owning quality brands and big ticket items.


Embrace the RetraRent difference.

When you RetraRent, you don’t just get the products you want straight away. Every RetraRent agreement also offers up peace of mind.

You see, if anything breaks or goes wrong during your RetraRent period, we’ll fix it – free of charge! Of course there are some conditions, but if you want stress-free after sales support, you’re going to love RetraRent.

Enjoy peace of mind that rented goods will be serviced free of charge, if necessary, for the life of the contract.

One last thing… If your products are stolen or destroyed by fire, RetraRent will waive the outstanding debt. After all, we think you’d have enough to worry about if that were to ever happen.

Want to RetraRent your next purchase?

If you think RetraRent is the smarter, stress-free way to shop, then why not call 1800 807 621. There are no application fees and it may just be the best option for you.

You can apply right now.