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Portable Speakers

Best Portable Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers

Nothing truly makes the moment like your favourite music.

And with the world’s best Bluetooth and wireless speakers, you can make every moment count.

Whether you’re spending summer by the beach; enjoying a weekend away with friends; or celebrating a party with friends – Retravision’s quality range of Bluetooth and wireless speakers will be right there with you. The speakers seamlessly connect with your smartphone so you can experience unreal sound quality wherever you go.

With a wide selection of brands and features, there’s a Bluetooth or wireless speaker to suit your budget and your lifestyle at Retravision.

Types of Speakers

Bluetooth and wireless speakers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The Bluetooth capabilities mean you can connect wirelessly to your music playlist. So no nasty cords to get in the way of a good time!

But it’s inside some of the latest speakers where all the seriously cool stuff happens!

You see, some of the latest Bluetooth and wireless speakers even come with their own virtual assistant. Think Google Home and Amazon Alexa! With these futuristic Bluetooth and wireless speakers in your home you can get what you want with voice-controlled instruction…

Ask Google Home to play the latest the number one hit on the Aussie music charts.
Ask Amazon Alexa what today’s forecast is.
Ask them to call your friends while you’re busy in the kitchen.

It’s Bluetooth and wireless speakers like you’ve never experienced before!

Portable Speakers

Speaker Features

Portable Speakers
Portable Speakers

AUX / Inputs

Bluetooth and wireless speakers, as the name suggests, offer the convenience of being cord-free. But if you do want to boost the sound for your laptop or TV, some Bluetooth and wireless speakers also come with additional AUX inputs.

Pop in and talk to our friendly AV specialists in-store if you need more advice on set ups like this.

Voice Activated / Smart

The party starts when you say it does. Literally! The latest range of Bluetooth and wireless speakers come with innovative voice activated features. And with seamless connectivity options with your smartphone, your speakers can be just as smart.

Water Resistance & Durability

You never know where the music will take you: a summer beach party;camping with your mates; a family party by the pool; or even dancing in the rain. But don’t let a little water or an accidental bump ruin the mood!

Check out some of the Bluetooth and wireless options at Retravision with splashproof designs. Some speakers can even be submerged under water for up to thirty minutes (not that we recommend doing that!). Plus, with hard-wearing casings, they also know how to live up to the knocks and drops of heavy use.


If you want the ultimate surround sound experience, Bluetooth and wireless speakers can be easily paired. Pairing is when you connect with two (or more) speakers to literally amplify your music. The connected devices then project your music (or other audio) to deliver the optimum sound in any environment. By pairing Bluetooth and wireless speakers you’ll also be able to play your music in multiple rooms at the same time. So no matter where you’re dancing, you’ll be fully immersed in music!


Not just the ideal partner for your music, Bluetooth and wireless speakers can be pretty handy, too! When connected to your smartphone, the speakers act as a handsfree speakerphone. So if you have your hands full at home or having a phone conference at work, Bluetooth and wireless speakers make that conversation pretty easy to make!

Battery Life & Charging

When you’re the life of the party with a Bluetooth and wireless speaker, battery life becomes pretty important. With new technology and innovation, speakers have the capacity to run for up to 15 hours without a recharge. And when it does come to charging your Bluetooth and wireless speaker, USB charging lets you plug into the wall with an adapter or straight into your laptop or PC.

Portable Speakers

Choosing the Right Speaker For You

Portable Speakers

The Outdoor Types

Are you into camping? Like being out on the boat? First and foremost, the Bluetooth and wireless speakers for you should be durable and waterproof and capable of handling a few drops and knocks. Features such as hooks and clips make carrying and attaching your Bluetooth and wireless speakers super easy.

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The Party People

Is high quality, high volume music important? OK. Your Bluetooth and wireless speaker need to promise one thing – and that’s to sound good at high volume. A good bass to help carry the beats in your favourite tracks will ensure your tunes don’t lose any of their magic. Long battery life is also essential, of course!

Portable Speakers

Our recommendations...

Portable Speakers

The Home Bosses

Design and smart features are important.In fact, your Bluetooth and wireless speaker wants to be a talking point among your guests. An added bonus… it’d be good if it could help make home life easy with some impressive voice activated features.

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Popular speaker brands

When it comes to the brands and price range, we like to think we’ve got a pretty good selection, no matter what your needs are. Every Bluetooth and wireless speaker we stock has its benefits, and depending on what you need, we’ll help you choose the right one.

Renowned home entertainment brands such as Bose and Sony have added to their suite of AV products with a great selection of Bluetooth and wireless speakers. On top of that, we also stock the specialist brands who have become famous based solely on their audio products. These include a full range of products from JBL and Ultimate Ears.

Need more help or have some questions about Bluetooth and wireless speakers? We hear you! Find a store near you or contact us today.

Portable Speakers

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