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Fujitsu at Retravision

Reap the benefits of year-round energy efficient heating and cooling in your home with a Fujitsu air conditioner. Fujitsu have been designing quality, durable aircon systems for decades. Built to withstand the Australian climate, you’ll get reliable performance and precise temperature control no matter what the season. Clever technology and high energy efficiency combine in their range of split system, cassette and multi-head air conditioners to create the perfect climate control solutions for every home. Whether you want air conditioning installation in a single room, or need a total home system, we have you covered with some of the most dependable, trusted products in Australia. See for yourself why Fujitsu is ‘Australia’s favourite Air®’ and talk to one of Retravision’s air conditioning service specialists today!

Featured Fujitsu Products

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Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners

Sleek, versatile and easy to install split-sytem air conditioners are the perfect year-round solution for every room, from the smallest bedroom to large open-plan living spaces. Enjoy the comfort of total control and maximum energy efficiency with a Fujitsu split-system. Designed to blend in beautifully with your home, Fujitsu’s contemporary split system ac units are extremely quiet with an external condenser and are unobstructive to your home decor.

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Fujitsu Cassette Air Conditioners

The hidden secret of the home and office world, cassette air conditioners are so unobtrusive you’ll forget they’re even there! Mounted in the ceiling, cassette air conditioners are barely visible and provide exceptional coverage and temperature control with powerful, energy efficient fans. With an external condenser, you can be sure that your cassette AC won’t be seen or heard!

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Fujitsu Multi-Head Air Conditioners

Air conditioning the whole house doesn’t have to be expensive. Multi-head air conditioners are an affordable alternative to ducted air conditioning. A Fujitsu multi-head consists of a number of wall mounted or cassette units connected to an outdoor unit, which distributes power amongst the units for better energy efficiency and more flexible individual room control.

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Fujitsu Videos

Fujitsu air conditioning is so quiet you might wonder if we’ve muted the sound - we promise we haven’t! Watch our videos below to find out why Fujitsu is ‘Australia’s favourite Air®’.
Fujitsu 2.5kW/3.2kW Inverter Split System ASTG09KMCA | Retravision
Fujitsu General Multi Systems | Video Explanation