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Founded in 1886, Westinghouse have grown to be a globally recognised, iconic household brand. Over the course of more than 130 years they have built an incredible reputation for delivering on quality, reliability and style when it comes to their home and kitchen appliances - that's why their products are so ubiquitous with Australian homes! For generations Australians have cooked atop Westinghouse branded cooktops, baked in Westinghouse oven, or kept things fresh in Westinghouse fridges and just as time marches forward, so does the brand! Westinghouse continues to innovate each year - it's all part of their philosophy to make life a little simpler. Their unwavering drive in developing affordable, stylish home appliances sees to it that their products will continue to be a special part of Australian homes for generations to come.

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Westinghouse Ovens

Get the joy of family meal time back with a Westinghouse oven. Westinghouse have a range of practical and affordable products for cooking to suit every household and stage of life. Safe design features like safe-to-touch oven doors ensure that your new, modern cooking appliance will be your favourite kitchen fixture for many years to come. Whether you need a gas or electric oven, a large capacity 90cm oven for big family cooking, a freestanding oven or a smaller wall oven, we have the perfect fit for you.

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Westinghouse Cooktops

No kitchen is complete without the perfect cooktop. Westinghouse cooktops incorporate the latest technology and safety features, making their products the perfect addition for any home. Flame-failure devices on gas cooktops and residual heat warnings on electric cooktops keep your hands safe around hot surfaces whilst the latest technology makes it possible to heat up a pan in mere moments.

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Westinghouse Rangehoods

The days of bulky, noisy rangehoods and ugly kitchen appliances are over. Not only has kitchen technology come a long way, but so has kitchen style. Rangehoods are now quieter, sleeker and more effective in the kitchen. Manage cooking smells and smoke with a Westinghouse rangehood. Whether you choose a canopy, slide-out, fixed or concealed rangehood, our Westinghouse products promise incredibly quiet operation and beautiful design for a kitchen appliances that won’t just fit in with the kitchen decor but will be an eye-catching addition to your home.

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Westinghouse Freestanding Cookers

For incredibly quick and easy installation, a range of sizing options and an appliance that functions as both an oven and cooktop, browse our range of Westinghouse freestanding cookers. Available as both freestanding gas or electric ovens, Westinghouse freestanding ovens have the largest capacity in their class - perfect for cooking family meals. You can expect easy cleaning, with clever, fully-sealed design that traps grease and prevents it from leaking into small nooks and crannies and an attractive design that will fit in with any kitchen style.

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Westinghouse Dishwashers

Keep dishes sparkling clean and buy a dishwasher for your home. Westinghouse dishwashers are fast, efficient and simple to operate. Designed with real households in mind, you’ll find clever design solutions in place like smart racking, which allows you to adjust your shelf spacing to fit in large pots and pans, so no more hand-washing after a dinner party! Smart features like auto-load sensing, delay start options and super fast programs make kitchen clean up a breeze. Spend less time washing up and more time with the family.

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Westinghouse Fridges

Keep food fresh for longer with a Westinghouse fridge. For a refrigerator jam-packed full of practical features and innovative design that you’ll love, check out our range of fridges for sale today. Westinghouse have everything from smaller capacity single door fridges, to stylish french door fridge options in white or stainless steel. Clever flexible storage and space options maximise your fridge capacity to meet ever-changing household needs, so your fridge can grow as your family does.

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Westinghouse Freezers

Conserve food, give yourself some extra storage and stay organised with a Westinghouse freezer. Store as much as you need in an upright freezer or a chest freezer, or appreciate the convenience of a fridge freezer. Westinghouse’s frost-free technology will prevent food from icing up, so rest assured you’ll never have to defrost the freezer again. Smart design make storage and organisation easy, so whether you’re preparing for a party, meal-prepping for the week or preparing for winter, you’ll have plenty of space to store everything.

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Westinghouse Microwaves

For ultra-convenient, affordable cooking there’s nothing better than a microwave. We’ve come a long way since the days of the first household microwaves, it’s now possible to choose between convection and inverter microwaves featuring the latest energy efficient technology, cooking options and beautiful sleek design. Nowadays, they’re incredibly affordable, which means it’s possible to find a cheap microwave for your home, without sacrificing on innovative features, safety or efficiency. Find the best microwave for your home and shop our range today.

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