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Air Conditioner Buying Guide

There’s nothing cool about being hot!

We may all love a long hot summer, but when you’re home, you want to be cool and comfortable. And when the winter chill sets in, a warm and cosy home is a pleasure to come home to.

Choosing the right heat and cooling solution for your home is very important – it makes up for a sizeable part of your energy bills. The typical household spends 13% of its annual utility bill on cooling alone, according to Energy Star*. So energy efficiency is important when it comes to the future running costs of your air conditioner – you need to take this into account as well as the initial purchase cost.

Not sure where to start? Here are some useful tips. You know you can always talk to the friendly and knowledgeable air conditioning team at Retravision – we are the air conditioning experts and can help you choose just the right air conditioner to suit your home, at the right price.


Not sure where to start?

Check out this handy Retravision Air Conditioning Buying Guide for some useful tips.

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Types of Product

The wide range of different types, models and sizes of air conditioners available can make it confusing if you’re not sure where to begin! It’s important to get the right advice, right from the start. And right here is the best place! At Retravision, we’re the air conditioning experts, and we can show you the biggest range from the leading brands like Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Kelvinator and Teco - all at the best prices, and with a range of installation options we’ll have you cool and comfortable with the right air conditioner in no time!


Perfect for renters, or for homes where you just want a quick fix in the living room, the bedroom or study – just plug it in and it’s ready for use. A reverse cycle model will keep you cool or warm wherever you are, so it’s a handy one appliance solution that will keep you comfortable all year round.

Split System

A wall-mounted split system is the most common solution for cooling one or more rooms or an open-plan area. They have two parts: an indoor unit connected by pipes to an external unit to exhaust air out. They are relatively low cost to install, so you can have one in different rooms for flexibility – each member of the family can cool their own area as they like. A reverse cycle split system can be used as a cooling air conditioner in summer and a heater in winter, offering year-round home comfort.


A window or wall air conditioner is installed into a hole in your wall, or onto a window sill. You can choose to heat, or cool, or some will do both. Most window units are intended for double-hung windows; if you have casement or awning windows, you may want to consider a wall air conditioner.


A multi system offers great flexibility for modern home interiors, offering cooling and heating to a number of rooms from just the one external unit. This means they require less ductwork, so they’re often used where there is insufficient roof space for a ducted system. Some larger systems (five or six units) also offer separate or simultaneous temperature control.

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These are an indoor air conditioning unit mounted in the ceiling (ceiling cassette system), although depending on your home, some can be mounted in the floor.


Product Features

It can be bewildering comparing the many features of each different make and model – some have a long host of clever features to make life easier, others are more basic. It’s important to know what you are paying for – at Retravison, we are the air conditioning experts, and we’re here to help, plus we can also arrange installation for your extra piece of mind.

WiFi Controls

WiFi Controls

Some air conditioners have gotten smarter, allowing you to control and adjust them from your smartphone. You may even be able to interconnect them to other cooling units in your home.

Remote Controls

Remote Control

Allows you to control the system from anywhere in the room or home. Ideally it will have large, well-spaced buttons and a big, easy-to-read LCD screen.



Save on running costs by using the timer – your air conditioner will turn itself off at the set time. Or set it to so your home is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive home.

Air Filters

Air Filters

An air filter will ensure your air is always fresh, free from smoke, odour and germs. Make sure you can easily access the filter for cleaning, something you’ll be doing frequently to keep the unit in tip-top condition.

Air Filters

Energy Efficiency

Always look for models that have a high energy rating for heating and cooling. This will ensure the air conditioning system works as efficiently as possible for the required room size. A simple calculation will tell you how many watts you need – too few and it’s ineffective, too many and you’re paying more than you need to. Your friendly Retravision air con specialist can help you with that!



Inverter systems are cheaper to run, as they are able to reach the desired temperature more quickly and maintain it - as opposed to a system with a thermostat that stops and starts as the temperature reaches a high or low. While initially more expensive, inverters are cheaper to run.

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

A noisy indoor unit may interfere with your day-to-day life or sleep, while a noisy outdoor unit can disturb your neighbours. Check the air conditioner's noise levels; some models have a quiet mode for indoors and/or outdoors. This may reduce the cooling/heating power or airflow, but will keep the air conditioner running at a very quiet level.



A dehumidifier will lower the level of humidity in the air, removing the ‘clammy’ feel of some air conditioners for a more comfortable home.

Human Sensor

Human Sensor

A Human Sensor is a clever and efficient energy saving solution. It detects whether someone is actually in the room, and will automatically switch off or switch to economy mode if no movement is detected after 20 minutes, resuming operation when motion is redetected. Some models even direct the air movement towards the sensed person, so that the cooling or heating is mainly focused on the areas actually being used.

Choosing the Right One For You

Choosing the right air conditioner to suit your home and the spaces you want to heat or cool is important. Air conditioners with a too-large cooling capacity will use more energy than is necessary, while units that are too small will not cool or heat the room properly, making them inefficient. Before you consider price and features, start by determining the size of unit you need for the space you want to cool, as well as where you’ll place the unit.

Choosing the Right One For You

Got a question? Contact our team today – the air conditioning specialists at Retravision would love to talk everything aircon with you, and help you choose the perfect system for your home and your budget - we can even arrange professional installation!

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