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The Ultimate 2021 Guide To Buying A TV In Australia

The televisions of today are bigger, better and more affordable than ever before! Nowadays, you’ll find a long list of incredible features available on new TV models, from magnificent picture and sound quality to smart access to almost unlimited content on streaming platforms like Netflix and Stan. With 4K and HD technology readily on offer, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a truly mind-blowing cinematic experience from the comfort of your living room. No matter what your budget is, Retravision can help you find the right TV for your home!

Our comprehensive TV buying guide has all the advice you need when it comes to learning what to look for when buying a TV in Australia. We compare all the best options and features available, so you can make the best decision about which TV you should buy. Plus, you can always speak to our friendly team in-store and online for help finding the perfect TV; we’re the experts in home theatre systems!

Tips on your television

Check out our handy TV buying guide for all the best tips and advice on buying a television and check out all the latest products from leading brands!

Types of TVs

What TV should you buy - OLED, QLED, ULED, Smart TVs, 4K, 8K? At Retravision you’ll find a huge range of TVs on offer from some of the world’s biggest brands like Samsung, LG, Hisense & TCL but with so much technology available, how do you choose? Navigating the world of TVs has become incredibly complex, and a little overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’ve included a breakdown of the different types of TVs you’ll currently find available below, so you can compare.

8K TVs

8K TVs have four times the resolution of 4K TVs, making for an incredibly clear picture. You’ll find 8K technology to be incredibly immersive, blacks are richer, colours brighter and images sharper. Many of these incredible next generation TVs come with AI features designed to enhance older films, so everything you watch looks amazing.

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Ultra HD 4K TVs

Ultra HD 4K TVs will provide you with an incredible crisp, clear picture and are becoming the new standard for those looking to enjoy an incredible viewing experience. A 4K display will have at least 8 million pixels, which means the image will appear crystal clear and much sharper than 1080p TVs. The catalogue of 4K content has grown steadily since the technology was introduced, meaning you can sit back and enjoy the full experience with popular new TV shows, movies and games, and many TVs also have image enhancement options to help you get the best out of your old favourites.

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Top Ultra HD 4K TVs


QLED means ‘Quantum light emitting diode’, which is a technology that is capable of producing incredibly bright, vibrant colours. Quantum dots are transmissive and are known for enhancing colours, making for incredibly brilliant white and great contrasts.

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OLED means ‘Organic light emitting diode’. TVs that use this technology are incredibly lightweight and thin and feature incredible picture quality. They’re displays are known for being emissive, which means they create their own lights. They produce very rich, true blacks and amazing colour vibrancy.

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Smart TVs

TV's have made their way online! Smart TVs are part entertainment unit, part internet-surfing powerhouse. Modern TVs are capable of seamlessly connecting you to the internet, making it simple for you to browse online content, stream your favourite TV shows, access social media and play games online. Most Smart TVs will have a number of in-built apps, like Netflix and Stan so you can start watching at the touch of a button. Most newer TV models will have Wifi connectivity - those that don’t can usually be converted with an external device.

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Top Smart TVs

Full HD TVs

Full HD TVs are very popular and affordable. They’re suitable for use with Blu-ray players and display picture at 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. HD-ready TVs in comparison have just half the amount of pixels. Content for Full HD TVs is easily and readily available and many come with smart TV features so you can easily stream content.

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Top Full HD TVs


HD stands for high definition. HD TVs have a much higher resolution and picture quality than older generation standard definition TVs. Most TVs that are 720p or more are considered to be ‘high definition’ and nowadays often come with smart features and internet connectivity.

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Top HD TVs

TV DVD Combo

TV DVD combos have an in-built DVD player, so you can watch DVD content with zero fuss! They’re ultra-convenient and great for bedrooms and households with kids. If you’re looking to enjoy your DVD collection, then a TV DVD combo is an easy, seamless way to do it!

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Top TV DVD Combos